Our company “Dimou Panagiota & CO” was founded at 1991 and operates in the area of production and distribution of confectionary products. Focused on achieving our goals, we are giving more and more attention to the best quality, great service and good collaboration, in reasonable prices.

Accordingly, our company gradually expanded and right now it covers the entire area of Greece, with representatives - dealers in all regions.

For the last 5 years, despite competition and insufficient awareness of the people regarding the Greek products, we are exporting products to Europe.

For about 8 years we have launched new and modern facilities of our company, with total area about 1500 sq. m. at Industrial Area at Sindos of Thessaloniki.

Since the philosophy of our company is in constant search of innovative products in the sphere of our activities, we have been including in the Third Community Support Framework Program, for technological support of this philosophy.

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